Private Labels

Private Labels

We are experts in private labels. We currently do private labels to many customers in Europe and North America in their own brand in order to supply super market chains and to sell using online platforms. Minimum order quantity starts with as low as 1000 units. We do the complete value chain from designing label point onwards till delivery of the order.

Private label options for spices

For a long lasting aroma all our spices private labels comes with nitrogen flush.

  • Glass jars: 40g -60g
  • Resealable triple layer alu-foil pouch 100g ( 3.5 OZ) , 227G ( 8 OZ), 454g ( 1LB), 500G
  • Resealable triple layer kraft paper stand up pouch 100g ( 3.5 OZ) , 454g ( 1 LB) , 500G

Private label options for coconut products

  • Glass jars for virgin coconut oil and RBD oil ( 200ml, 300 ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml)
  • Stand up/ regular pouches for coconut flour ( 100g ( 3.5 OZ), 227G ( 8 OZ), 454g ( 1LB), 500G, 1KG , 3LB
  • BPA free cans for coconut milk ( 200ml and 400ml)
  • Glass jars and cans for coconut water

Private label options for tea

  • Tea bags in carton boxes
  • Pyramid bags in carton boxes
  • Loose tea in resealable pouches
  • Wooden boxes
  • Caddies
  • Paper cans
  • Reed boxes
  • In environmental friendly packaging
  • Pyramid tea bags in caddies

Private label options for dehydrated fruits

  • 400ml BPA free cans
  • Resealable kraft paper pouches 100g, 150g
  • 3KG bulk pack